Spotify’s Snake game is completely random and I love it

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Long before the dawn of Pokémon GO and Candy Crush, one game dominated our phones: good old-fashioned Snake. Now music streaming service Spotify has introduced a version of the classic game as a hidden feature on its mobile app so music fans can relive the nostalgia. 

The "Eat this playlist" feature is hidden in the playlist options menu, opening up a simple interactive Snake game that creates your own custom soundtrack to the classic game. (If you want to relive some more retro nostalgia, check out our collection of the best retro game consoles).

Spotify Snake game

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The game's design is similar to the original, with basic graphics and minimal colour. The familiar 'snake' design (which if we're honest, was just a black rectangle anyway) has been replaced by a white triangle that guides players across the map, collecting various albums from the selected playlist. With each icon collected, the album is added to the snake and the song changes, making for a choppy and chaotic soundtrack - depending on how skilled of a Snake player you are. 

Spotify options for "Eat this playlist"

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To launch the game, Spotify users simply need to select any playlist and click the three dots located next to the save option at the top of the page. From there, users can scroll down to the bottom of the options page and select "Eat this playlist", which will then open the Snake game. 

For the best experience, I'd highly recommend a noughties playlist to get you in a nostalgic mood. Or for a more intense gaming experience, set up a dramatic video game soundtrack playlist, and prepare yourself for some high-tension action. While I wouldn't say that this is the best way to enjoy your carefully curated playlists, it's certainly a fun way to waste a couple of minutes in your day, and Twitter users seem to agree. 

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