The Street Fighter 6 logo is seriously underwhelming

With its bold characters and extravagant moves, Street Fighter was one of the first competitive two-player games, and is an iconic title for many gamers. Now fans are getting excited about the release of the sixth game in the series, but if it's anything like its new logo, we may be disappointed. 

Capcom Company has released the brand new logo (see below) for Street Fighter 6, and it's safe to say, it's pretty underwhelming. The minimalistic design, featuring a very simple 'S' and 'F' in a hexagon, is very different to the previous logos, and fans aren't loving the new look. It sounds as though Capcom should have followed our 15 golden rules of logo design

The Street Fighter 6 logo

The new logo for Street Fighter 6 (Image credit: Capcom Company)

All the other previous Street Fighter logos (see below) were arguably a bit of an eyesore with their gradients and striking fonts, but they were also part of the novelty of the game. The new logos looks very dull in comparison, and if 'Street Fighter' wasn't actually written on it, it'd be hard to guess it's part of the franchise at all. 

However, one user on Twitter has pointed out that the typeface and colour scheme featured on the new design is similar to the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) logo. And while it doesn't necessarily reflect the previous games, we can appreciate that the designers have taken inspiration from the actual sport. Perhaps the real-world inspo reflects the game's new hyper-realistic graphics that have been teased in the trailer for the game

The previous Street Fighter logos

The previous Street Fighter logos were quite the eyesore (Image credit: Capcom Company)

It seems as though fans are just as perplexed as us by the minimalistic design, and many have taken to Twitter to comment on the logo. One user said, "This is a terrible and lazy looking logo," and another called it, "weird indeed". Fans have compared the design to the likes of the Scooby-Doo logo, an NFT and the ESports logo – and we can see what they mean. 

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We'll have to wait and see whether the game is better than the logo, but for now why not catch up on the previous Street Fighters? Check out our roundup of the best games consoles available and get playing. Or if you'd rather sink your teeth into some more designs, then you'll love our roundup of the best logos of all time. 

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Amelia Bamsey
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