Supercharge your comic art skills with this special issue of ImagineFX


Comics have never been more popular, so if you’ve got a hankering to break into the industry then this special issue of ImagineFX is a great place to kick off your career.

Among its 148 pages you’ll find workshops from pro artists such as Jean-Baptiste Monge, Brett Parson and Admira Wijaya, who paint iconic comic characters Hellboy, Tank Girl and Harley Quinn. There are also bite-sized tips on boosting your core comic art skills, and interview with Saga artist Fiona Staples and look back at how Conan’s appeared in the comics over the years.

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Also included in this special issue… 

Comics art tips and tricks from our panel of pro artists, who explain how to use shadows menacingly, create a backlight around a character, body language and more.

Comic art secrets revealed

Conan has been a comic staple since 1952. We chart the rise, fall and rise again of the bolshy barbarian over the years, and speak to the artists who’ve drawn him in action.

Conan returns!

We talk to Fiona Staples, the artist behind the multi-award-winning comic Saga, and find out why she’s keen to support the indie publishers and the idea of creator-controlled titles.

Saga artist Fiona Staples speaks out

Discover how Nimit Malavia, an artist who’s worked with DC/Vertigo, Marvel and Dark Horse, took the classic design of Tintin and gave him a 21st century makeover in the Fables style.

Tintin gets updated

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