Apparently this optical illusion can predict your love life

We've seen plenty of weird and wonderful optical illusions here at Creative Bloq, but not all of them claim to offer a deep insight into your love life. But if you can't share a pretty but hilariously unscientific optical illusion on Valentine's Day, when can you? 

Times of India has shared an (unattributed) optical illusion which it claims to reveal "your attitude in relationships". It all depends on what you see first: a pair of trees, a couple dancing, or moustachioed face. (Looking for more brain-bogglers? Check out the best optical illusions ever.)

Optical illusion

(Image credit: Times of India/Future)

According to Times of India, "what you see first is not simply reflective of where your eyes land first, but also what your mind interprets and understands." There's no source here, so we'll have to take their word for it. So, what does it say about you?

If you spot the trees first, "trust is an integral part of your relationships. You can have a hard time trusting your partner, especially if you are in a new relationship. It is also because of this factor that you do not rush into a new relationship." (One might say you like to see the wood for the trees. I'm here all year.)

If your eyes first landed on the dancing couple, then "equality in a romantic relationship is the most important element for you. You do not like being disrespected for your partner and try your best to maintain equality in all aspects of your relationship."

And finally, that face means, " you might be going through a rough patch in your relationship. If single, you may be recovering from the emotional damage of your past breakups. Practicing self-love and self-care and scheduling some me-time can help you heal and get more clarity as to how you want to move forward romantically."

Of course, this all needs taking with a pinch or ten of salt – but hey, it's one of the prettier optical illusions we've seen. That said, it isn't even the first that's claimed to reveal all about the viewer's romantic life. Here's another. And another.

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Daniel Piper
Senior News Editor

Daniel Piper is Creative Bloq’s Senior News Editor. As the brand’s Apple authority, he covers all things Mac, iPhone, iPad and the rest. He also reports on the worlds of design, branding and tech. Daniel joined Future in 2020 (an eventful year, to say the least) after working in copywriting and digital marketing with brands including ITV, NBC, Channel 4 and more. Outside of Future, Daniel is a global poetry slam champion and has performed at festivals including Latitude, Bestival and more. He is the author of Arbitrary and Unnecessary: The Selected Works of Daniel Piper (Selected by Daniel Piper).