The new Walking Dead game is so hilariously broken it's unplayable

Screenshot from the Walking Dead: Destinies
(Image credit: Flux Games)

The Walking Dead has been a beloved comic and TV series for some years now, so it's understandable that fans were keen to get their hands on an updated game featuring their favourite zombie-slaying characters. Thankfully their prayers were answered with the release of 'The Walking Dead: Destinies' – regretfully, it has not proven popular with fans.

Berated for its janky PS2-era graphics, awkward static cutscenes and general chaotic unplayability, the latest game is certainly not the badass homage to the TV series that fans had hoped for. The responses, however, have been delightfully scathing. (If you want some real spine-chilling gameplay, check out our collection of the best horror games – understandably this game does not feature). 

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Developed by Flux Games and published by GameMill Entertainment, the game appeared to honour the original AMC series with its own immersive twist. Fan favourite characters such as Rick, Daryl and Michonne are all featured and it's up to the player to "alter the Walking Dead history," with the opportunity to pave their own way through the game without being forced to follow the TV storyline.

Conceptually it sounds like a dream for any fans of the show, but take a closer look and it turns into quite the nightmare. Players were bemused to find that the gameplay, writing and graphics were exceptionally under par, with 'lazy' still cutscenes and questionable voice acting. It was received so badly that many players were shocked by the game's quality, with one X user questioning whether the entire thing was part of an "elaborate prank." 

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The arguably laughable quality of the game makes it feel like a cheap appropriation of the show's characters, worsened by the awkward gameplay. To add insult to injury, according to X user Shirrako, it contains a "game breaking bug where it cannot be finished after a certain section of the game," so essentially, prospective players will be paying $50 for a broken game. At least that makes the passionate outrage feel a little more warranted. 

Thankfully this isn't the first Walking Dead game to be released. Some of you may remember the Telltale Games series that was resoundingly popular in its early days, and despite not featuring characters from the original show, its gorgeous art style and heartwrenching plotline are well worth experiencing for yourself. It's a shame that we're yet to be graced with a worthy game version of the AMC series, but the heated reception for this game has certainly been an amusing event to witness from the sidelines. 

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