Hilarious brand kit confirms the X logo is here to stay

X brand toolkit
(Image credit: X)

The Twitter rebrand as X seems to be rolling on the way it began: a little chaotically. Despite Elon Musk saying that the crowdsourced Unicode X logo is temporary, the company has finally released a brand toolkit so that people can start to replace the Twitter bird. 

With many people still calling the platform Twitter and still using the bird logo in posts and as the icon in their social media links, X will be hoping the assets, including the logo, lockups and post templates, can convince people to adopt the new name. The assets are available at... er.. about.twitter.com (see our Twitter logo history to see how the design has changed over the years).

X post template

The X post template seems to confirm Musk's plan tu change Twitter to dark mode by default (Image credit: X )

It was always going to be difficult to completely rebrand a live social media network overnight, but even X itself is struggling to be consistent. An X brand toolkit is finally available, replacing the former Twitter brand toolkit on the same Twitter URL. And if the text sounds a little strange it's because that's taken from the Twitter toolkit too.

The new X brand toolkit (Image credit: X)

The description of the X logo in the brand toolkit reads "Our logo is our most recognizable asset. That’s why we’re so protective of it. Take a moment to think about how you apply it." That sounds almost tongue-in-cheek considering that the 𝕏 logo is a glyph used in several typefaces and which anybody can use freely as Unicode character U+1D54F.

The former Twitter brand toolkit page (Image credit: Twitter)

It turns out that's because X hasn't updated the text. Checking a past version of the site using the web.archive.org, we can see that it's left the same explanation from the Twitter brand kit, merely changing "Twitter" to "X". The name has been changed in the trademark disclaimer at the bottom of the page too, again despite the fact that the X logo is not a trademark.

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Some 'social media advisors' on Twitter, I mean X, have been urging people to "let the blue bird fly away" and update their logos. However, many users don't seem to be in a hurry, which isn't much of a surprise considering that people have been changing the X app icon back to the Twitter bird on their phones.

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