Getting creative with cheesy packaging

Design studio enormouschampion decided to go the extra mile when creating the packaging for these US-state-shaped cheese boards

What could be nicer than a cheese board shaped in the state you live in (if you live in the USA, that is)? The founders of A. Heirloom thought exactly the same when they decided to make wooden cheese boards in the shape of each of the 50 states of America.

They then commissioned enormouschampion, a Brooklyn-based design studio, to create the logotype and packaging for a single box that could house a variety of different-shaped cutting boards.

A two-colour print limit posed some challenges, but overprinting helped to enliven the imagery

"Since the packaging was going to have to be a standard design that would work across many different products, we looked at solutions that worked well in organising a range of various items," explains Jason Wong of enormouschampion.

"After exploring applied labels, stamp treatments and other options, we landed on the idea of creating a 'periodic table' of state shapes that could be marked off to indicate the box contents."

As with all good design, the packaging adds an extra dimension to what is already a quirky and interesting product in its own right

Having the restraint of printing in only two colours was a challenge for Wong, as he wanted to design a package that would work well functionally but could also be kept as a graphic keepsake.

"Some customers who've purchased their cutting boards liked the box so much that they didn't want it marked up to indicate the shape of the board inside," he smiles.

This showcase was originally published in Computer Arts issue 206.

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