New web-based tool for batch-processing images

Sizzlepig is a web-based image resizing app that will process a whole folder of images to multiple sizes, scales, crops, and compressions. The new tool is able to process large numbers of batched images or photos in the cloud, syncing directly with Dropbox.

Aimed at designers involved in any kind of digital image processing - from ecommerce site builds to content management systems to digital asset creation - it's currently in public beta.

sizzlepig makes it easy to fiddle with images, visually displaying the results and letting you tweak and adjust cropping or scaling in real-time

The app was created by a team of creatives and developers - formerly working for agencies including Razorfish - who were "tired of scripts, blind resizing, messed up crops and more," says Sizzlepig's Andrea Livingston.

"We wanted a way to visually control and display the results of batch sizes. We needed to tweak, fiddle and adjust cropping and scaling in real-time, with our own eyes. And we wanted to do so in the cloud - where we could always access and get input and help from our team. Our designers wanted more time to design and our developers wanted accurate files - the first time around."

Replace the original file with the retouched image and every setting and adjustment you made to the original is applied to the retouched file

Processing in the cloud enables you to produce results very quickly, says Livingston, while visually fine-tuning and cropping each image size in one area eliminates rework due to error.

You can try out Sizzlepig for free (creating watermarked files), and if you like it, progress to pay-as-you go pricing, monthly and annual subscriptions. See Sizzlepig in action in this video:

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