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120 Photoshop tips, tricks and fixes

Precise colour and lines

95. Draw straight lines

To draw a straight line with the Brush tool, hold down Shift and then click two points.

96. Sample a colour

With the Brush tool selected, hold down Alt and click to sample a
colour and then set it as your Foreground colour.

97. Precise painting

Press Caps Lock to switch your cursor to a crosshair.

98. Cycle through the brushes

Use , and . to cycle left or right through the brushes in the Brush Preset Picker.

99. Dodge or burn

When painting with the Burn tool, you can hold down Alt to switch
instantly to the Dodge tool.

100. Get a pen and tablet

If you're into digital painting, but don't own a graphics tablet, you're missing out on a whole new world of creativity. There are plenty of good, entry-level tablets available, but if you want mid-range features that include multi-touch input, treat yourself to a Wacom Intuos 5.

101. Change hardness

As you probably know, the ] and [ bracket keys change your brush size, but you can also use Shift+ ] or [ to change the brush hardness.

102. Quick opacity change

When using the Brush tool, press any number between 0 and 9 and the Brush Opacity will set to it. 1 for 10%, 9 for 90%, 0 for 100%. Press Shift and a number to adjust Flow.

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