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Abstract app turns your photos into geometric art


Give photos and films a cubist twist with GeometriCam

If you are fed up of realistic photos with vintage filters, you can take a step into an abstract dimension filled with geometric patterns by downloading GeometriCam, one of a new wave of photo apps that can turn iPhone images and clips into more shapely compositions.


GeometriCam comes with different shapes ready to use

Thanks to a powerful GPU-accelerated filtering engine, GeometriCam users can capture kaleidoscopic photos and videos on the go or import them straight from their photo albums.

The personalisation tools are detailed but easy to use. Everything from the layout to the colours, presets and shapes can be manipulated with a simple swipe and tap of the iPhone screen.

A variety of shapes, including triangles, squares, diamonds, circles and lines, allow users to fine tune their creations to their heart's content. So whether you want to create a photo with a glitchy finish or a film made up of moving polka dots, chances are GeometriCam will sort you out.


Polygons let users add a sense of depth to their images

The latest iteration sees polygons thrown into the mix. This gives users the option to play with the rotation of their shapes, repeat certain patterned sections and zoom in or out to create truly hypnotic abstract artwork.

Available to download for just $2.99, GeometriCam is pitched at both professional and casual photographers and film makers. With limitless creative options and the opportunity to produce high-resolution media ready for prinitng, this is the perfect way to start exploring and developing an interest in geometric art.

Dom Carter
Dom Carter is Creative Bloq's staff writer, news finder, and all round design fan. You'll usually find him drooling over screen prints and coveting more notebooks than is practical.