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3 free photo search tools that make finding images easy

02. Pexels

Pexel's user-friendly search is a boon

Pexel's user-friendly search is a boon

Another site committed to adding new photos each week is Pexels, whose 2,000+ photos are cherry-picked from a variety of free image sites to ensure the highest quality. This project was created by brothers Bruno and Ingo Joseph.

Pexels' strong point is its user-friendly search functionality. When you perform a search, Pexels suggests related searches that might help you find more of what you are looking for. You can also use subtractive search, putting a minus before a term to remove that keyword from the results.

Their index is more limited than the previous one, so you won't find as many results for super-specific searches. But they have a different set of photos in the index, so you will find different results for the same searches.

One thing I love about Pexels (and FindA.Photo, below) is that the images are directly downloadable from them. This means that even if the source goes down or closes up shop, their imagery is still available.

All of the images available from this project are specifically CC0 only, meaning you can be sure that any photo you find on Pexels is free to use however you want, ensuring you peace of mind when you're working on a deadline. The only restriction is that identifiable people should not appear in a bad light or in any way they may find offensive, unless consent is given.

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