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10 hip examples of lomo photography

06. Graffiti

Lomography: graffiti

Love the vintage feel to this graffiti shot by artist En Shahdi

Always keen to explore different avenues of photography, En Shahdi is a big fan of lomography. One of favourites of his images is this graffiti scene, which he captured using his LOMO LC-A camera combined with Kodak Elite Chrome 100 colour slide film.

07. Railroad crossing of crescent moon

Lomography: railroad

This atmospheric image was captured with a LOMO LC-A compact camera. Image © Mio-Spr

Using a fixed lens, 35mm film, leaf shutter, zone focus, compact LOMO LC-A camera, photographer Mio-Spr captured this atmospheric railroad crossing of crescent moon image.

08. Little canine acrobat

Lomography: canine acrobat

No animals were harmed in the making of this photo! Image © Kernow & Cambria

This is both a super-cool dog AND capture. This gorgeous, flying Jack Russell was captured by Kernow & Cambria. The acrobatics of this little canine were taken using a LOMO LC-A camera loaded with Fuji Sensia 400 film in Cornwall, UK.

09. Up in the air

Lomography: mountains

Misty mountains provide the perfect backdrop in this atmospheric image, shot from the window of an aeroplane. Image © Jon Madison

We've all done it - taken a photo from the window of an aeroplane, right? It would be rude not to given the view the buses in the sky can provide. Photographer Jon Madison obviously thought the same on a trip a few years back. But he used his trusty LOMO LC-A camera, producing one of the most beautiful and atmospheric shots we've ever seen from this point of view.

10. Girl on a swing

Lomography: girl on swing

This unposed photo, taken with a Lomography Diana F+ camera, captures the moment beautifully. Image © Iborba

If you're looking for a unique way to capture friends and family, lomo photography is great way of producing a shot that will stand out. This charming image, captured by photographer Iborba on his Lomography Diana F+ camera, shows that in many cases, unposed photos often produces the best results.

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