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Design students will love this poster series

graduate poster series

The poster series sees experienced designers dish out advice

Entering the educational world of graphic design, illustration or animation is an exciting yet terrifying time. With advice from teachers, designers, friends and parents, it can be a little hard to get your head around what you should actually focus on.

This Kickstarter poster series from John Stanbury collects personal advice from experienced designers that aims to inspire the next generation of graduates. "Everybody has something they wish they had known earlier, but often don't have the chance to pass that advice on to where it could make a difference," he explains.

"By reaching out and sharing something of themselves and their own experiences, graduates can bring an extra sense of community and continuity to students first days at University." Take a look at some of our favourites below.

graduate poster series

The poster series offers up inspirational advice

graduate poster series

These would look great in your student digs

graduate poster series

Experienced designers say to ignore others and make your own path

graduate poster series

The posters encourage you to put yourself out there

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