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2016's product design industry trends revealed

2016 trends

Over 1,000 creatives contributed to the survey

With the design landscape constantly changing from year to year, it can be difficult for creatives and art directors to know where they stand in the industry. Fortundately the world's leading product design collaboration platform InVision have surveyed hundreds of designers to uncover the top product design trends for 2016.

2016 trends

The trends reveal how much design leads some organisations

Unveiled earlier today, the Product Design Trends Report is the first of its kind to emerge from Invision. The insights draw on data gathered from over 1,650 creatives worldwide.

2016 trends

The trends draw on lots of aspects of a designer's life

The report covers everything from education, career path, roles and compensation ranges. It also identifies and examines industry trends that affect freelancers, design teams and agencies. This helps to reveal which organizations are leading the way, and which have some catching up to do.

2016 trends

Some of the financial stats might make some designers reconsider their current employer

"Design's influence in business is growing," says Clark Varberg, InVision CEO. "This report will help business leaders make more educated decisions about which design tools and specialities they should cultivate at their organizations in order to remain competitive."

"We hope to help designers and their larger teams better understand their position, their market share, and their competition," he adds.

2016 trends

Are you earning near this average annual salary?

Some of the key trends for creatives to consider include: a designers average salary, which areas and cities offer the best pay, and just how important higher education is in the industry.

2016 trends

The full set of trends can be seen on the InVision site

To see the full series of trends, head over to the InVision site or download the entire set of insights.

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