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5 coffee cup designs every creative will want

As a designer, you are bound to start your day with a cup of the strong stuff – coffee that is. And as a creative, you're bound to want your coffee cup to match your eye for design, so we've picked some of the best coffee cup designs from around the world to match up to your creative standards.

01. My Cuppa Coffee

coffee cup designs

Love playing with colours? This pantone inspired cup is the perfect choice

If you're a designer that loves playing with Pantone colours, then this is the coffee cup for you. Created for coffee lovers who crave the perfect cuppa every time they boil the kettle, the cup is equipped with a colour matching guide on the inside to get your brew to just how you like it, from milky to builders brew and black.

02. Minibru

creative coffee cup designs

Make the perfect cup of coffee in the mug itself with this brilliant design

Are you a one-cup-of-coffee kind of creative? Want a coffee shop style brew at home? This nifty little design lets you brew the perfect cup of coffee in the mug itself! Just add your ground coffee to the lower fill line, let it brew for 2-3 mintues and then insert the plastic plunger to filter out the grain. What more could you want?

03. Brick-on Build Lego cup

creative coffee cups

If your love of Lego goes past playtime, you'll need this coffee cup

There's plenty of you out there who have made your love of Lego art well and truly known. Those little plastic bricks have evolved from being your favourite toy as a kid into something that children and adults alike use for inspiration and creativity. What's more, you can change the Lego depending on your mood!

04. Holdster Mason Jar Jug

creative coffee cups

A creative coffee cup design for the hipsters of the design world

Do you have a bunch of empty jars knocking around your home? Or piled up, ready to be recycled? Why not upcycle them yourself with the Holdster Mason Jar Jug! The ultimate companion for any hipster coffee lover, the holdster design lets you transform any jug into a sleek-looking, leather bound coffee cup.

05. Don't Procrastinate

creative coffee cup designs

Remind yourself to get on with the job in hand with this coffee cup

Surfing the web whilst that all-important project for your latest client sits waiting for you? We all need a little reminder from time-to-time and this 'Don't F***ing Procrastinate' coffee cup is the perfect way to start your day productively. Coming in the signature black on black mug and the classic two-color mug, both designs include a GFDA coaster letterpressed by the Cranky Pressman.

Do you have a favourite coffee cup design? Let us know in the comments box below!

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