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Smash your 2016 goals with these motivational notebooks

Motivational journal

Choose modular notebooks to be your life coaches

Despite our best intentions, New Year's resolutions are very rarely kept. To help keep creatives on track with their 2016 goals a motivational message is always welcome, but these modular notebooks from Journal Life go one step further and set you up for success in the months ahead.

Unlike other great notebooks that aim to boost your productivity, these journals don't just organise your time, they highlight how you can turn any shortcomings into positive action.

Starting out with a basic notebook, Journal Life planners will outline your activities, while additional pages can be inserted to help you with different aims. With periodic reviews of what you've achieved, these journals will help you focus on what you really want to do.

Convenient, carefully designed and built to last, these notebooks will help you to develop positive habits over 90 days.

Motivational journal

Start out with a core journal, then add more pages to suit your aims

Motivational journal

These unique books are the result of a year of research

Motivational journal

Reflection pages will keep you motivated and focussed

Motivational journal

Modular notebooks will target different areas of your life you want to improve

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