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Portfolio website offers a new take on scrolling

we love noise

We Love Noise is a portfolio that stands out of the crowd

We're always on the look-out for sites that showcase designer's projects in a fresh and exciting way. This portfolio site, We Love Noise, certainly fits the bill - and it had us scrolling around to our heart's content.

Rather than traditional horizontal/vertical approach to scrolling, you can scroll around the 16 creations featured on the homepage in a much more fluid, circular fashion just by waggling your mouse around. It's a subtle effect but all the more successful for it: give it a go!

The portfolio site offers a subtle new take on scrolling

The portfolio site offers a subtle new take on scrolling

The site is the creative portfolio of Manchester-based interactive art director Luke Finch and features projects for the likes of Fisher Price, Carbon Brainprint and a variety of design studios.

It was built in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and is responsive for all browsers and touch-points. "The site was designed to not only be a portfolio but also a playful project that would question user interaction and navigation," says Finch. We reckon he's achieved exactly that.

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