Adonit Log review: A unique stylus replacement for your iPad

It's no Apple Pencil 2, but it's certainly up there as one of the best alternatives.

A shot of the Adonit Log stlus on a colourful background
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Our Verdict

The Adonit Log is a fantastic, high-end stylus option for those that aren't focused on drawing or digital art. The wooden texture and light weight makes it feel like a real pencil. Overall, it's a great (and more affordable) alternative to the Apple Pencil.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Beautiful design
  • Palm rejection


  • No pressure sensitivity
  • No magnetic storage option

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Adonit Log specs

Weight: 13 grams
Charge time: 1 hour
Battery life: 24 hours
Dimensions: 2.22 x 7.48 x 0.63 inches

The Adonit Log is a unique stylus. The main body is made out of sustainably-sourced wood and it's visually appealing. This stylus is mainly aimed at general use and note-taking, largely because it's missing one major feature that a lot of people look for in a stylus for digital art: it has no pressure sensitivity. However, if you're not an artist this stylus is an excellent, affordable alternative to the pricey Apple Pencil

Adonit is a well known brand in the best Apple Pencil alternatives arena. I've been using an Apple Pencil with my iPad for about three years now and this was my first time using a different brand. I mainly use my iPad for digital art so the lack of pressure sensitivity was a bit disappointing, but when I started testing the Adonit Log for note taking and general browsing on my tablet I really enjoyed how it felt to use. 

Adonit Log: Design

A shot of the Adonit Log with the Apple Pencil 2

(Image credit: Future)

The main appeal of the Adonit Log is the wooden body. The sustainably sourced wood means that each pencil has a unique grain texture and pattern, and the matte finish is comfortable for extended periods of use. It features just one button to power it on and off, and the button doesn't sit far out from the pencil so it doesn't feel obtrusive when in use. An optional grip would be a welcome addition if you're writing for a long period of time, but overall I had no issues with the design.

The Adonit Log charges through a USB-C cable that plugs into the end of the pencil, and a full charge will provide 24 hours of continuous use. Maybe even more impressively, a four minute quick charge will allow an hour of stylus use. The 1mm nib of the Adonit Log is made out of rubber, and grips well to your screen when drawing. It's also easily replaceable, which is a great feature for those with a heavier hand like me! 

Adonit Log: Features

A shot of the Adonit Log stylus on a white desk

(Image credit: Future)

The Adonit Log is a simple product. With no pressure sensitivity, the most important features are comfort and connectivity. The Adonit Log excels in both of these areas, but understandably there aren't any standout features because of this. There are no touch gestures like there are on the Apple Pencil 2, and the only 'adjustment' you can make on the pencil is turning it on and off. An extra button to assign a quick command to (like quickly opening the notes app) would have been a nice addition, especially considering the price point. Like most styluses, it does feature native palm rejection so you can rest your hand against the screen whilst writing without disrupting your work. 

Adonit Log: Performance

A shot of the Adonit Log Stylus on colourful background

(Image credit: Future)

I used the Adonit Log regularly for a few weeks, and I had next to no issues with performance. One of the most impressive features is that the Log doesn't require Bluetooth to connect: simply turn it on and it's good to go. One downside is that if you use an Apple Pencil regularly, you do have to disconnect it from your iPad in order for it to pick up the Adonit stylus. It's an easy process, but still an annoyance if you want to go between the two, especially as the Log doesn't require Bluetooth. 

In terms of actual technological performance, the Adonit Log is a fantastic device that I couldn't fault when in use. I experienced no lag at all, and the tilt sensitivity is excellent. Unlike similar styluses, the Adonit Log will still register input when it is tilted nearly horizontal during use. A major issue I've had with prior styluses on devices like the Microsoft Surface is jitter – but the Adonit Log is not one of those troublesome pens. During extended use, I had no jitter at all and all of my linework tests yielded precise lines that felt like I was drawing on paper. This was partly due to the rubber tip that minimises the stylus sliding around too easily on the screen.

Adonit Log: Should you buy it?

A photo of the Adonit Log stylus being used on an ipad on a desk

(Image credit: Future)

If you're looking for a stylish and lightweight stylus for writing, note taking and general browsing then the Adonit Log is a great choice. The wooden build is beautiful and feels like using a genuine pencil. Will it replace my Apple Pencil 2? No. As an artist, pressure sensitivity and customisable quick-controls are important features to me. However, my time using the Adonit Log was incredibly comfortable and easy to adapt to. If you take digital art out of the equation, the Log is a high-end stylus with fantastic battery life and beautiful yet simple design. It's pretty pricey, but noticeably more affordable than alternative stylus options from Adonit. 

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The Verdict

out of 10

Adonit Log

The Adonit Log is a fantastic, high-end stylus option for those that aren't focused on drawing or digital art. The wooden texture and light weight makes it feel like a real pencil. Overall, it's a great (and more affordable) alternative to the Apple Pencil.

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