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This updated productivity tool will power up your workflow

A updated cloud-based tool promises to improve productivity by taking the pain out of project management, leaving creatives more time to create.

ftrack V3 allows users to set up projects, allocate tasks to team members, and then track the project's progress – collaboratively and remotely, with room to make notes and leave feedback.

"ftrack pays a crucial part in all my projects where I have a huge number of visual effects shots that are being done by artists globally," VFX producer and director Hasraf Dulull says. "But its not just for managing artist's VFX shots thats I use ftrack for, I also use it to generate reports to update my clients. With ftrack I am able to juggle several projects at once without losing my mind."

This updated productivity tool will power up your workflow

ftrack excels at remote collaboration.

As well as a refreshed UI, V3 promises improved and expanded options for remote collaboration. It differs from similar software on the market, makers say, because it's designed not for project managers but specifically for creatives. It's open API also allows you to customise the web service to suit your team, but also works out of the box with most creative software.

The client review feature is one of V3's biggest improvements, allowing clients access to ongoing projects. Users send a secure URL to an unlimted number of clients, who can then leave comments and feedback on a project.

This updated productivity tool will power up your workflow

The web service makes clients part of the creative process.

Jennie Mackay, head of production at Saddington Baynes thinks this feautre will prove useful: "Certainly more and more, going forward, we're going to want to introduce our clients to ftrack – especially after the release of V3. It makes timekeeping easy and client review is a fantastic feature."

ftrack is based in Stockholm, with offices in San Francisco, and first launched its software in 2009. V3 introduces a new pricing structure. A single creative license of is now $20 a month.

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