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Take your Illustrator skills to a new level

On sale now in the UK, Illustrator Essentials gives you everything you need to become an Adobe Illustrator master. 196 packed pages full of step-by-step guides and expert tips offer advice on everything from portraits to logo design – all so you can create incredible vector-based artwork.

You'll find out how to create a stunning drip effect portrait with cover illustrator Tom Mac, how to create a multi-use pattern with Fernando Volken Togni, and how to master vector shading with Siggi Odds.

What's more, there's 150 tips on illustration, packaging design and logos and branding, and 14 free video tutorials helping you to make the most of Illustrator's extensive toolset.

You'll find it on sale at WH Smith or over at My Favourite Magazines in print, but if you prefer a digital version you can read on your iPad or iPhone, you can purchase it within the Computer Arts magazine app, by going to the following links:

iTunes UK:

iTunes USA: