Font foundry creates a typeface with no name

Fontsmith playground

Font weights become games in this interactive specimen sheet

Usually when a creative project remains unnamed it's beacuse the artwork in question isn't finished or up to scratch. However the latest addition to Fontsmith's library of iconic web fonts is such a flexible and experimental design the boutique type foundry couldn't pick a name, so instead they settled on the deliberately vague FS Untitled.

Adapted from the iconic typeface Fontsmith created for Channel 4 back in 2005, FS Untitled is an updated, pixel-friendly design which has been upgraded for a wider audience.

Building on what made the original font so popular, namely its cartoonish squidgy curves, and almost-flat horizontals and verticals, FS Untitled has been digitally developed into an array of 12 weights that are intended to meet every on-screen need.

"It's a digital-first world," says Fontsmith founder Jason Smith. "And I wanted to make something that was really functional for brands. I also wanted to create something that stylistically was open to its use. So a thin weight, large, gives a very different feel to the text font in body copy."

The 12 weights all come in pairs, and each one has been designated with a number from 100 (Thin) to 750 (Bold). This is intended to reflect the numbering that web developers use to refer to font weights in CSS code.

To bring this new font to life, Fontsmith worked with designers from The Space Between to create a typography 'digital playgorund'. Presented as an interactive specimen sheet, this hilariously distracting playground shows off the different personalities and applications of FS Untitled.

With users able to create their own graphic moods and share their favourite creations, fonts have never been this much fun.

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Dom Carter

Dom Carter is a freelance writer who specialises in art and design. Formerly a staff writer for Creative Bloq, his work has also appeared on Creative Boom and in the pages of ImagineFX, Computer Arts, 3D World, and .net. He has been a D&AD New Blood judge, and has a particular interest in picture books.