Explore Street Fighter artist's self-designed studio

Gonzalo Ordóñez studio

Gonzalo Ordóñez's studio contains lots of inspiring books by his favourite artists

This year I moved from Santiago to the place I was born, Arica, near the border with Peru and Bolivia. My house is really close to the
beach and although this is my third studio, it's the first one that I really feel could be the definitive workspace. Not just because I would be working from home and there's a lot of space, but also because it's the first studio I designed, so I feel really comfortable here.

Gonzalo Ordóñez studio

Mushishi director Hiroshi Nagahama gave Gonzalo Ordóñez this picture in 2013

I usually work side-by-side with my wife, with each of us concentrating on our respective projects. But I'm the kind of guy who's more creative by night, so the studio is conveniently closer to the living room and far from the bedrooms.

Gonzalo Ordóñez studio

Gonzalo Ordóñez's favourite books include the childhood-defining the Last Unicorn

The best thing about working from home is that I don't need to leave my house to have a workstation. I can see my two kids grow up and I'm always close to the people I love. My work never feels lonely because I have someone to give me opinions, help and support.

Gonzalo Ordóñez studio

This TIE fighter drawing is Gonzalo Ordóñez's first ever piece of artwork

My usual working day begins at 9am.
I have some toast and coffee or tea, and I'm ready to tackle some sketches for different projects. Right now I'm working on some covers for Street Fighter Unlimited and a game by Alderac Games.

Gonzalo Ordóñez studio

Gonzalo Ordóñez has a lot of figures and toys, these are just a few of his favourites

After a break for lunch, I walk a bit or go downtown for materials. I come back and keep working on the line art, creating the approved sketches all afternoon until my kids arrive. I usually play with them and then start painting at night when everything is calm, so I can listen to music or put a movie on in the background to watch while I'm working.

This article was originally published in ImagineFX magazine issue 131. Buy it here.

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