50 free web tools

JavaScript tools

14. React

Facebook's popular library includes a virtual DOM and optional JSX syntax. Its reusable components are designed to to help anyone building large, dynamic web apps.

15. Babel

50 free web tools - Babel

Babel enables you to use tomorrow's JavaScript today

A JavaScript transpiler that lets you use the newest ECMAScript features (ES6, now called ES2015) without having to wait for browsers to catch up.

16. annyang

A small JavaScript library to help you build voice-controlled interfaces. It has a really nice API that's easy to use. After including the library, you define your commands along with the behaviour in response to those commands.

17. List.js

50 free web tools - List.js

Add search, sort, filters and flexibility to HTML lists and tables with List.js

This is a fast and powerful way to create search, sort and filter functionality for lists, tables or just about any type of grouped content. All you need is some HTML and a few lines of JavaScript.

18. VerbalExpressions

If you’re like me and can't stand the thought of writing regular expressions from scratch, this is the library for you. It's a plain-English way to write regex and since the return value compiles to the actual expression, it can be a great way to learn, too.

19. Skeuocard

Skeuocard progressively enhances credit card inputs with its skeuomorphic interface. There are a few scripts like this one, but Skeuocard is one of my favourites. Users enter their details inside a realistic representation of a credit card, which automatically matches the layout of the specific card type (Visa, Mastercard etc.). They can even flip the card over to fill in the other side.

20. JSCS

This is not just another code style linter. What's so powerful about JSCS is that it enables you to specify your own custom style guide, against which your code is linted. Alternatively, you can choose to test your codebase against popular style guides from jQuery, Airbnb, Douglas Crockford, Wikimedia and more.

21. Chart.js

One of many available JavaScript charting libraries, but certainly one of the nicest. There are six HTML5 canvas-based chart types, and all charts are responsive, modular and interactive. The library is small and dependency-free.

22. Quill

This is an embeddable rich text editor supported in all modern browsers, as well as IE 9 onwards and mobile. It offers powerful customisation options through a clean API.

23. Awesomplete

Lea Verou's easy-to-use form input autocomplete widget. I love that it can be used with just HTML and the library, without any extra lines of JavaScript. On top of that, it offers advanced customisation options through built-in events and methods.

24. jQuery Boilerplate

50 free web tools - jQuery Boilerplate

A great tool for getting started with jQuery plugin development

jQuery plugin developers will appreciate this boilerplate, which provides a nice starting point for making plugins. The source is well commented so it's useful for those just starting out with jQuery plugin development.

25. Foundation for Apps

You’ve no doubt heard of ZURB's Foundation framework. This is a separate project specifically designed for building responsive web apps. It's based on AngularJS, but doesn't require advanced knowledge of Angular.

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