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Agency's interactive site is a JavaScript delight

The site of pan-European agency KircherBurkhardt offers an interactive way to view some of its latest work.

"The goal was to implement a new way of presenting information to the user," says Dorian Kopez, a lead developer at DigitalWerk who helped create the site for KircherBurkhardt, which has offices in Berlin, Stuttgart, Zurich, Vienna and Frankfurt.

"Due to high-performance features, capabilities of current browser engine standards have soon been exceeded - that’s why most functions had to be customised to the performance of the diverse engines."

Functions include the fullscreen parallax scrolling slideshow on the welcome page and the Cases section’s animations.

The team also used some jQuery plugins to speed up development and help the experience on touch devices.

"Among others, jQuery Transit is being used, and content undergoes an animation process via CSS3 transitions. JS libraries are in use for touch devices: WipeTouch is the preferred navigation technology in contrast to scrolling functions within the desktop version," he says.

Words: Jack Franklin

This article originally appeared in .net magazine issue 244

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