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An agency website with bags of personality

Web development shop Envy Labs redesigned its site to reflect the company’s growth, an internal task that can be daunting. "As many in the industry can relate, we’re our own worst client," admits frontend developer Nick Walsh. "After many unfinished concepts, and a week long sprint of final production, the site now conveys Envy Labs' culture and values."

The site highlights slick web fonts, CSS transitions on hover, and CSS-driven shapes. The delightful illustrations by Justin Mezzell round out the look. The homepage hero has drawings with half-circle bases that lend themselves to a circular motion on transition.

"The challenge stemmed from making that motion scale responsively; a hefty bit of tweaking percentages in transform-origin was required for lining things up across all screen sizes," says Walsh of the unique effect. The team also used MVCSS, a Sass-based MVC CSS architecture to aid in the build.

Words: Jenn Lukas

This showcase was originally featured in .net magazine issue 235.

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