Coca-Cola's hidden site: Happiness Island

Words: Paul Wyatt

Feeling a bit stressed? Stuck in a design rut? Then you need some happiness and chill time - and Wieden and Kennedy Amsterdam has produced the answer to make your day a little more zen in the shape of Happiness Island.

Coca Cola's hidden sites get over 40 million Facebook page impressions

The agency has come up with a new way to spread a bit of happiness to their Facebook fans by posting riddles on Coke’s timeline. When solved, the riddles lead to hidden sites or 'Coke sitelets'.

What's in a sitelet?

These things are popular, with over 40 million Facebook page impressions and four million sitelet visitors. Why? Well, they offer visitors’ days a little lift via meditating, making music and underwater dancing. What more could you want?

Nacho Guijarro, art director, designer, and animator on the project, gives us the lowdown. "We squeezed in Flash design, animation and interactive capabilities to create simple emotional experiences for visitors to discover and play with. If your brain needs rest, here is a destination we recommend," he enthuses.

You can blow bubbles in one of the site's expansive range of games

The site’s hitting the spot with visitors: the average time spent on it comes in at five minutes. If you multiply that by that by the four million visitors the sitelets have received, you get almost 22 years of happiness. Which is a sad indictment of how stressed we all must be, but also a rather nice fact.

This showcase was originally published in .net magazine issue 232.

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