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Control your site with this powerful WordPress Plugin

WordPress is the most malleable platform for building a website, but some features are tougher to change than others. CSS Hero lets you tap into those aspects you thought you couldn't customize and lets you reshape them however you'd like, and you can get a one-year subscription on sale now for just $9.99 (approx. £7)!

When you have CSS Hero at your fingertips, you can easily customize every last property of your WordPress theme to make it your own. There's no coding know-how required; CSS Hero is incredibly intuitive with a point-and-click interface that makes customization as easy as possible. From fonts to colors to theme skins, it's easy to make your WordPress site have the exact look you want with CSS Hero.

You can get a one-year starter plan for CSS Hero, on sale now for just $9.99 (approx. £7). That's 65% off the retail price for the most powerful web editing tool you can have at your disposal!