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WordPress powers around 23 per cent of the internet. This issue, WP expert Corey Ellis has put together his must-know list of dos and don'ts to help you craft the perfect WordPress theme.

In his article, he also explores how to structure your theme in a straightforward manner, takes a look at WordPress' templating system and reveals what exactly is meant by 'the Loop'.

Free ebook for every reader

If that's piqued your interest, this month we're offering each reader a free Ultimate Guide to WordPress. From plugins to themes to future-proofing your WP sites, this 100-page guide has everything you need to master the world's most popular CMS.

Death of the web agency

High-profile acquisitions coupled with a downturn in business has led to speculation that we are witnessing the end of an era.

Rumours of rising financial pressures have prompted much hand-wringing about the state of the web design industry.

In our Secondary Feature, Tanya Combrinck investigates what's really going on. Is it just a case of adapting and adjusting, or is the web design agency as we know it really dead?

Inspirational projects

net magazine is also bursting with practical advice and projects. Each tutorial is written by a respected industry expert and will help you learn, hone and perfect cutting edge, creative skills.

Make sure your text is easy to read and beautiful, no matter what screen it's being viewed on.

Pick the right Git branching strategy, and building a super-fast web app using React.

We take an exclusive look at ITCSS, Harry Roberts' methodology for managing large-scale CSS projects.

Plus, elsewhere in the issue:

There's more too. Elsewhere in your packed, new issue of net magazine you'll find:

  • A chat with Scott Jehl about the importance of designing responsibly.
  • Denise Jacobs announces the initiative set to inject some much-needed diversity into the web conference circuit.
  • We go behind the scenes with Happy Monday to find out how it build a site for NASA's GeneLab project.

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