Add a cool unfolding effect to sites with PFold

The plugin allow elements of a web page to be unfolded in various ways

PFold is a "very experimental" jQuery plugin that makes it possible to open elements of a website in a 3D unfolding effect.

The demo shows several levels of unfolding, where each step of opening doubles the element size - as if you were unfolding a piece of paper. (Note this will only work in a modern web browser that supports CSS transforms).

There are three demos showing different unfolding patterns

The unfolding direction and the number of folding steps can be customised by the web designer, and for there's a simple fallback for older browsers.

The final content’s size will depend on the initial content’s size (set in the CSS), the folding directions and the number of folding steps

The project, created by freelance web developer and designer Pedro Botelho, has been shared on Github.

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