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Creative director urges designers to 'follow their soul'

Top creative director John McFaul has revealed he'll be digging deep into the psyche of the design industry at our Generate conference in September. He says of his hotly-anticipated talk: "It's all about change and following your soul."

McFaul acknowledges this isn't a subject that's often addressed at design events. "This industry of ours doesn't really give anyone the breathing space to think in those terms and we simply get swept along in its tide," he says. But he feels it's vital that from time to time we look away from the minutae of the design process and consider the bigger picture.

"I'm talking about leading and not being led," he explains. "I'm talking about choices, balance, soul and seeing another way. I'm talking about being comfortable understanding that it's all an education and there is no right way and certainly no time limit."

From the heart

McFaul adds that he'll be referring to his own personal career experiences at the event, which Creative Bloq is hosting in association with .net magazine. "From running a successful design company responsible for some huge campaigns around the globe to where I am now took a lot of soul searching," he notes.

He'll be joined at the Grand Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden, London by 18 top-flight speakers including Mike Kus, Mark Boulton, Oliver Reichenstein and Stephen Hay.

Visit the Generate website today - and use the discount code JM15 to get 15 per cent off your ticket.

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