Golden State of Mind: infinite scrolling perfection

Words: Jack Franklin

It’s fantastic that with advances in JavaScript, sites that two years ago would have been built with Flash can now be created using the former – and Golden State of Mind is a perfect example of this.

The site has been built by JUXT Interactive to showcase "art, fashion and happenings live from California" and features a selection of gorgeous photography that makes full use of the screen.

The site combines beautiful photography with an awesome scrolling system

Its highlight, JUXT Interactive’s creative director Jeff Whitney reckons, is its "unique, rotating brand showcase, allowing the user to explore the current season through images and video in an uplifting way… to a Golden State of Mind".

No Flash was required to create the site - a sign of the times

"JavaScript was used extensively for the Experience portion of the GSOM website," Whitney explains.

"A custom scrollbar plug-in was found and rather heavily modified to allow for the infinite scrolling, and a lot of sweat and tears went into getting the reversed scrolling to work correctly.

"The movement and parallax of the elements on the page were easily handled with jQuery."

This showcase was originally published in .net magazine issue 232.

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