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Handy tool retrieves colours in HTML

HTML Color Codes

The tool to help you get started with HTML colour codes

When you're starting out in web design, it can be difficult to get your head around everything. Thankfully, there's some handy tools out there, which are designed to make your experience easier, enabling you to gain the skills you need at the speed you need them.

HTML Color Codes is one such tool designed to retrieve the codes for your selected colours in a way that a computer can understand them. Claiming that you're able to 'discover beautiful colour harmonies, tints, shades and tones,' the tool allows you to input Hex colour codes, RGB and HSL values, and generate HTML, CSS and SCSS styles.

As well as this, there's also got a number of tutorials to get stuck into, covering the basics of HTML, CSS and SCSS. "Adding colour to your website using HTML is actually really simple," they explain. "Our short and easy to follow tutorials will help you get started using inline styles to colour text, links and backgrounds in HTML."

HTML Color Codes

If you're still unsure, there's plenty of tutorials to take on

HTML Color Codes

After using the tool, you'll be a colour pro in no time

[via Design Taxi]

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