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How to get people to care about web performance

Etam increased conversions by 20 per cent by reducing its page load time. Netflix saved 43 per cent on its bandwidth bill by turning on GZip. These are the kinds of dramatic improvements that can be made by reducing load times and page weights, and they're great examples to use when you're trying to convince people that performance should be a priority.

To help you fight the good fight, web performance advocates Tim Kadlec and Tammy Everts have created WPO Stats (Web Performance Optimisation), a handy cache of sourced facts and figures that will enable you to build a hard case for putting performance considerations at the centre of your projects. Facts are tagged according to whether they're about UX aspects such as satisfaction or engagement, or business metrics such as conversions, traffic or revenue.

The pair want to collect as much data as possible, so if you have something to contribute you can add it here.

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