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Inspirational office boasts a century's worth of creative history

Explore Made by Many's NY space

Made by Many is based in New York. It's design space is a hive of activity and is overseen by a design dog called Klein

Made by Many's New York studio is located on Greene Street - an iconic brick street in Soho. Built in 1900, it originally served as a factory and warehouse until the 1970s when it became home to an artist and his studio for the next 40 years. It's a classic makers' space - perfect for digital product craftspeople like us.

We made a point of preserving the incredible details hidden under a century's worth of wear and paint splatters, including refinishing and levelling the 115-year-old wood floor and stripping decades of paint off the original steel fire door.

Respect the past

Honouring our studio's history gives the space a workshop vibe where we can focus on designing, developing and building great next-generation products like our own Hackaball, a connected device that teaches kids to code through game creation and play.

At Made by Many, we make new stuff for the internet: products and services that are used habitually by millions of people; things that last and grow and become indispensable. In doing so, we've adopted a range of methods that let us rapidly get to product ideas that can be pressure-tested out in the world, with users.

Starting a journey

In almost all cases, these journeys begin with sketching our ideas by hand. We have custom Made by Many sketch pads pre-printed with various screens - smartphone, tablet and computer – so we can get lots of visual ideas down quickly and efficiently.

net magazine will be bringing its Generate Conference to New York. Buy your ticket now!

net magazine will be bringing its Generate Conference to New York. Buy your ticket now!

Our sketching is the output of lots of different inputs - including a voracious appetite for books ranging from business strategy to startups, software development, design and even science fiction.

We don't have the physical space to spare for a library, so we created a shared digital library and give everyone in our studio his or her own Kindle e-reader to access it and add to it anytime, anywhere.

And what studio wouldn't be complete with its very own Design Dog? We're lucky to have Klein around – keeping us grounded with his honest and somehow oddly insightful input.

Words: Gavin Becker

Gavin Becker is a managing partner at the New York office of product innnovation studio Made by Many. Follow the agency on Twitter at @madebymany.

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