Master responsive web design

In this special edition from the makers of net magazine, you'll find everything you need to know about the latest responsive web design and development techniques, from cutting-edge layout options and responsive images to emails and WordPress portfolios.

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The RWD handbook: Vol 2 is out now

In our Features section, the team reveal the advanced techniques you need to boost your RWD to the next level, explore how to create responsive layouts without using media queries, and take a look at the best practices and pitfalls you should be aware of.

Discover how to create responsive layouts without media queries

In the Showcase section, there's a gallery of inspiring new responsive sites out there. The team has also gone behind the scenes on the sites that have really pushed the envelope in terms of responsive design, with in-depth looks at sites from the Guardian, the RNIB and Amnesty International.

Go behind the scenes on the biggest responsive redesigns

The Voices section gives web celebs a platform to share their views on issues related to RWD. In it, Noah Stokes argues responsive design is sucking the soul out of our sites, Tom Dougherty considers why brand guidelines are still so focused on print, and Rosie Campbell explores how we design for screens that haven't even been invented yet.

Rosie Campbell reveals how to design for screens that haven't been invented

Plus we have exclusive interviews with Aaron Gustafson, Scott Jehl and Brad Frost.

Finally, in our projects section, there are a whole load of practical projects to help you master every side of responsive design. There are tutorials exploring the latest RWD techniques (including flexbox, CSS Grid Layout and element queries); the platforms and tools that will help you (Webflow, Macaw, UXPin and Polymer, to name a few); closer looks at how to master tricky elements such as images, email, tables and charts; and finally guides to help you master responsive WordPress themes and portfolios.

Tackle flexble layouts with Susy

Learn the best practices you should be following

Discover the correct techniques for responsive images

Pick up new design tools, such as Macaw