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Meagan Fisher to speak at Generate London

If you're a designer running your own company, it's likely that the questions keeping you awake at night have less to do with design and more to do with business. Finding rewarding work, dealing with difficult clients and getting paid on time are challenges every freelancer has to face.

The good news is that Meagan Fisher (@owltastic) has come up with a variety of smart strategies based on her experience at agencies, startups and from working on her own.

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Meagan has worked with huge clients and tiny ones in many different settings, and has a number of stories of successes and failures that have taught her valuable lessons. Not only have these key experiences made her better at the business of design, they've also made her a better human outside of the office, and she'll be talking about this also.

As well as giving her own talk, Meagan will interview our keynote speaker Dan Cederholm in a special Q&A session.

Generate London takes place in London on 26 September 2014, with an outstanding speaker line-up including Jeremy Keith, Jake Archibald, Chris Murphy and Denise Jacobs. You can pick up a ticket here!

Tanya Combrinck is digital editor on net magazine.