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New blogging platform is completely customisable

Setting up a blog can be a daunting experience. Whether you're creating one for the first time, or setting up the latest part of your range, settling on a theme and design is a task in itself.

ContentBear is a beautiful new blogging platform that puts creativity front and centre. With a focus on easy design and cusomisation, beginners and experts can create artful blogs without having to learn comprehensive code.

ContentBear styles

Different style blocks can be picked easily on ContentBear

Built around a M.E.A.N software stack (that's Mongo, Express, Angular and Node), ContentBear is a lightning fast platform that can be tweaked and played with on both desktop and mobile.


ContentBear comes with a range of web safe fonts

Packed with loads of refreshing features, including a pin-style filter that allows restricted access to a select audience, ContentBear's strapline sums it up perfectly: 'Post Anything, Control Everything.'

Explore everything ContentBear offers and pledge your support by heading over to its Kickstarter page.

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Dom Carter
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