Nissan's fun online flipbook

Don't worry about the language barrier, just start scrolling

To market its new multi-purpose vehicle, the Nissan Note hatchback, car giant Nissan has created a fun site that you absolutely don't need Japanese language skills to enjoy.

Scroll down the page and a vertical zoetrope effect makes the images animate, enabling you to navigate through the ‘story’ of the new car at your own pace. This recreates a "flip book" effect to showcase a series of scenes involving the Nissan Note.

The scrolling effect enables you to enjoy the animation at your own pace

You can auto-scroll by pressing the numbered buttons on top and even go in ‘reverse’ at the end of the page.

It's a simple but effective little visual trick and a great way of thinking outside the box with your online marketing.

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It seems the Japanese are mad for scrolling at the moment - check out this video showcasing a similar effect created for Uniqlo:

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