Two Paper Dolls: an agency site that tells a story

The homepage offers two prominent pathways that are emphasised on hover

Words: Jenn Lukas

Pennsylvania-based design and letterpress studio Two Paper Dolls has built a gorgeous website. The aesthetic showcases merchandise and ordering process through storytelling abilities, the homepage offering two prominent pathways that are emphasised by adding colour to the images on hover.

Clean aesthetic

In-house designer and illustrator Jen James created the visuals. "She developed an aesthetic that was clean, elegant and modern to appeal to two radically different audiences – social invitations and corporate branding," explains designer/developer Philip Meissner.

Diving deeper down to the staff pages, the design has large images of the team’s heads atop paper-cutout bodies.

CSS3 is used to animate the heads of Two Paper Dolls' staff members

CSS3 animations were used to infinitely rotate the head back and forth. "It transformed a static, boring staff page into a bobble head bonanza of fun," adds Meissner. "We hope these animations encourage our users to explore the site and have a chuckle."

Responsive experience

The Two Paper Dolls site continues to hold up nicely when viewed on smaller screens, staying true to the design and providing a functional and beautiful experience.

For more on CSS3, see:

This showcase was originally featured in .net magazine issue 232.