Why designers shouldn't be afraid of the terminal

There was a strong movement a few years ago stressing the importance of web designers actually learning how to write code if they didn't do so already. This made sense to some extent so designers would know what could and what couldn't be done in terms of website layout so that website mockups are made with those limitations in mind.

Now this movement has started to subside since the opinion that designers should design what is best for the user, not the developer and the limits of the web, has arisen, which is an opinion I agree with. So designers have stuck to doing just that, front end developers generally stay away from Photoshop (or whatever software is used for design), which has caused those in-between to have a rare combination of skills (some even call them full stack designers).

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Richard Bray is a 20-something designer of web products, event organiser, speaker, open source contributor. Currently making private aviation more accessible @Stratajet. Contact him with CSS related questions, to speak at your event, or just to say 'hi'.