5 tips for creating a productive workspace

Avoid becoming side-tracked with these top tips for transforming your home office.

If you're one of the 86 per cent of people who recently admitted to getting side-tracked when working from home, Samsung's new Home Office Style Guide will be of interest.

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New research from Samsung and the Univeristy of Leeds pinpoints housemates (36 per cent), housework (36 per cent), television (27 per cent) and pets (15 per cent) amongst the main distractions faced by home-working professionals, with 38 per cent of the 2,000 polled also complaining about inadequate technology.

To help you make the most of working from home, Samsung has teamed up with interior designer, style expert and author Abigail Ahern to create the Samsung Home Office Style Guide. Full of tips, and advice, the new lookbook aims to help you transform your home office.

Here are five of Ahern's top tips for creating a productive workspace...

01. Get a curved screen

Curved screens are not only aesthetically more appealing, they also wrap you up in the world you are working in, making your studio or home office feel totally immersive. "For me, my day job is obviously incredibly visual so I like a big screen for designing products, creating moodboards and going through my latest imagery," she says.

02. Create 'zones'

"Comfortable seating and having different zones are super important for home offices. No one likes to be sat at the desk all day, so have a separate nook where you can take calls, read through something, or just take five minutes."

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