Marvel launches cosplay comic covers

Cosplayers are being featured as the heroes in a selection of upcoming Marvel covers

One of the mainstays of comic conventions all over the world is cosplaying. More than just dressing up, cosplaying is a chance for fans to inhabit their favourite characters and interact with other devotees.

Can you identify these superhero logos?

The level of attention to detail in cosplaying can't be underestimated. Pushing their skills and ingenuity to the limit, fans can produce amazing likenesses to their heroes out of unlikely materials.

Now Marvel is giving some of the legions of cosplayers a chance to get involved with the comics by featuring them on the cover of upcoming issues. For the lucky selected cosplayers, they've now become the characters they impersonate. Check out the amazing covers below and discover the people behind the costumes.

Avengers cosplay

Jay Justice will feature on A-Force #1

All New Humans Cosplay

Yaya Han on All-New Inhumans #1

Spiderman cosplay

Aaron Rivin on Amazing Spider-Man #1

Avengers cosplay

Michael Cox on Avengers #0

Captain Marvel cosplay

Judy Stephens on Captain Marvel #1

Daredevil cosplay

Patrick 'Rick' Lane on Daredevil #1

Doctor Strange cosplay

Allen Lee Hansard on Doctor Strange #1

Extraoridinary X Men cosplay

Amanda Lynne Shafer on Extraordinary X-Men #1

Guardians of the galaxy cosplay

Contagious Costuming on Guardians of the Galaxy #1

Iron Man cosplay

Dale Oliver on Invincible Iron Man #1

Ms Marvel cosplay

Soni Balestier on Ms Marvel #1

Nova cosplay

Cap Santiago on Nova #1

Spider Gwen cosplay

Kathrine Zan on Spider-Gwen #1

Spider Woman cosplay

Yashuntafun on Spider-Woman #1

Thor cosplay

Sarah Jean Maefs on The Mighty Thor #1

Thor cosplay

Kevin Spooner on The Mighty Thor #2

Avengers cosplay

Miss Kit Quinn on Uncanny Avengers #1

Avengers cosplay

Kalel Sean on Uncanny InHumans #1

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