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CA Inspiration - 25 October

Our latest helping of excellent things, brought to you in association with our Twitter followers

It's a slightly synchronistic inspiration blog today; two heart-related illustrations from Mr Biscuit and Lindsey Spinks, plus two lots of Rubik's Cube. One's a print by Ben Davies, the other's a video that I came across that just had to go with it. Amazing what people can do with Lego and a smartphone. What do you say we do this again tomorrow? Usual rules: send us a link via Twitter, and here's a handy link to make it brilliantly easy.

James Mellers - This Man's Life
James Mellers - This Man's Life - via Mark McCartney
Passion Pictures - Red Bull Music Academy World Tour - via Andy Martin
Mikey Please - Seven Legs - via Oliver Sin
ARMflix - CubeStormer II - via Notcot

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