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QR Time

If you like QR codes and you're not too bothered about knowing the time, you're going to love this!

Here's one of those internet things that's both brilliant and almost completely useless, to the extent that I'm pretty much contractually obliged to love it. QR Time, created by Brian Short, is a clock that displays the time in the form of a QR code, one of those two-dimensional barcodes that the Japanese are mad for but we're not taking up quite as fast.

Obviously it's an excellent idea with only one minuscule flaw that's barely worth mentioning: unless you're some kind of robot, you can't really use it to tell the time. I can vouch that it works after taking a photo of it with my iPhone and running it through the Google app, which took a few seconds to inform me exactly what time it had been a few seconds earlier. And if you were a robot you'd probably have some kind of internal clock anyway.

QR Time

Now all we need is for TokyoFlash to make it into a watch.

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