Send large files: 10 free tools

Using email to send large files to your clients can cause problems at both ends. Here are 10 great tools to make things go smoothly.

The age of the web may have connected continents and allowed the world to function around the clock, but to send large files by email can still be a painful experience.

But there's no need to spend vast amounts of money on providing a solution. These free tools will help you to send large files to design clients without the hassle of bounced emails and hours of frustration with FTP connections, and some even have iPhone apps and free Android apps to make your life even easier.

01. Terashare

Send files Terashare

Share files of any size with Bittorrent technology

Terashare is different to most file-sharing services in that it uses Bittorrent technology to transfer the file directly from your computer to the receiver's. There's no filesize limit, although files larger than 10GB cannot be downloaded when you turn your computer off as this is the only place that the file is stored. Files smaller than 10GB are also uploaded to the Terashare servers so that they can be accessed at all times.

If you need to share a file with a lot of people Terashare is a good option, as Bittorrent makes it possible for everyone downloading the file to download parts from each other as well as from the server.

You need to install a small client to make it work, and files are shared via a unique URL. Terashare is completely free.

02. Infinit

Send large files infinite

Infinite claims to be up to 30 times faster than the competition

The main thing that makes Infinit different is that it uses peer to peer technology rather than its cloud servers. That means, the French team of eight designers and developers behind it claims, that it's both more secure and "up to 30 times faster" than rivals.

It's also easy to use, and there are no limits to the number of files you can send, or their size. If your or your recipient's web connection goes down, the service just pauses until it comes back up - you don't gave to start again. And if you're really in a hurry when receiving media files, you can even start playing them before the full file has been sent.

03. WeTransfer

send large files WeTransfer

WeTransfer makes it easy to send large files

WeTransfer is a lovely looking site that allows you to send large files - up to 2GB per transfer - as often as you like! That way, there won't be any of those last minute e-mail woes when you run out of free transfers. You can send large files by email or grab a download link from the site; easy peasy.

04. Sendspace

send large files Sendspace

With the Sendspace app, you can send large files on the move

Launching back in 2005, Sendspace have been delivering files millions of times a week. Each file is tracked so if it's lost into the abyss of the internet, Sendspace will do their best to find it for you. There's also a useful drag and drop feature, as well as a Sendspace app – meaning you can send large files on the move.

05. DropSend

Send large files to clients DropSend

DropSend lets you send large files for free

With DropSend, you can send large files of up to 4GB for free, and up to 8GB if you pay $5 per month. Fast, simple and secure to use, you'll be sending those all-important large files in no time. There's no software to install and it's available with 256bit AES Security. You get 5 sends per month for free; the $5 payment plan gives you 15 sends per month. Check out the pricing to see other interesting options including capacious online storage.

06. WikiSend

Send large files to clients WikiSend

You don't need an account to send large files with WikiSend

WikiSend is a free file-sharing service that doesn’t require you to create an account to use; you simply upload your file and are given a unique URL to access your file.

Files are then left accessible for seven days for your client to download as many times as they need, and you can share files up to 100MB in size. WIkiSend also provides password-protected file sharing if you register an account with them.

07. Dropbox

Send large files to clients Dropbox

Dropbox is the best-known way to send large files

Dropbox is possibly the most well-known file-sharing tool and you'll probably find your client already has this tool installed and is familiar with using it – always a bonus.

You need to register an account to use Dropbox, though it’s free to do so. As well as a web-based application, there’s a desktop application you can install that enables you to sync and access your files from within a normal folder.

Dropbox also benefits from having no expiration dates on upload files: you can store files as long as you need to. Plus there's an uncapped maximum file size, so you can send the largest cat video mashups to your clients without worrying about capacity.

08. MediaFire

Send large files to clients MediaFire

Share and play media files in your browser with MediaFire

MediaFire is designed to make your media files available to you from anywhere. Not only does it store them, but it also includes a player so that you can view over 200 different file formats in your browser - convenient for quickly showing things to clients. You get 10GB of storage for free with ad-supported downloads. Pay $4.99 per month to get ad-free sharing, 1TB of space and a better user experience.

09. Box

Send large files to clients Box

Send large files to your clients securely with Box

Most of the services here claim to keep your data secure, but that guarantee might not be good enough if you're working with sensitive data. Box is different to the rest in this regard; security is its niche.

Box gives you full control over the encryption keys that are used to secure your data, so no one else, even people at Box, can get access to them. There's also an unchangeable log of key usage so you always know who has looked at your data, as well as various other top-notch security features.

You can get a free personal account with a file size limit of 250MB, and business accounts start from £3.50 per month per person.

10. Senduit

Send large files to clients Senduit

Senduit allows you to set an expiry time

Senduit is intensely simple to use: simply upload your file through the website and you’re provided with a private URL to share your file.
The service has a limit of 100MB for files being shared, and allows you to set an expiry time for durations of 30 minutes to seven days.

Have we missed your favourite way to send large files? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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