The 100 best free fonts

Updated for 2017! Here's a selection of the best free fonts, from geometric sans-serif typefaces to stylish script serifs.

89. Adamas Regular

Free fonts Adamas Regular

Adamas only comes in upper case but we think it's a great free font to experiment with!

Format: OTF

Created by Romanian graphic designer Octavian Belintan, the Adamas style was first used by Greek and Latin writers for a stone of impenetrable hardness. Adamas only comes in upper case but we think it's a great free font to experiment with!

90. Benyo

Free fonts Beyno

Experimental font Benyo has a futuristic feel

Format: EPS/Ai

Swiss student Fabian Korn developed experimental font Beyno in his spare time. An uppercase design, it lends itself particularly well to eye-catching headlines, posters and much more, and is free for both commercial and personal use.

91. Fail

Free fonts Fail

Fail by Douglas Vitkausk does anything but

Format: TTF

This grunge typeface does anything but what its name suggests, having been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times since its release. This is one of 129 fonts designed by Douglas Vitkausk, whose work has amassed over 12 million downloads collectively! Free for personal use only.

92. Futuracha

Free fonts Futuracha

Futuracha is a display font based on futura's backbone

Format: EPS

A group of curious design explorers make up høly and are the team behind today's font of choice Futuracha. They comment on Behance: "The name is the combination of words futura and cucaracha (cockroach in Spanish). "The design is based on the basis of the pf futura book. The letters edges radically extend in a forceful way trying to remind the art deco's style.

93. GEOM

Free fonts Geom

Format: Ai

Inspired by basic geometric forms and grids, GEOM is a display typeface by São Paulo-based designer and art director Danilo Gusmão Silveira that started life as an experiment. Silveira says it's free to use "and adjust" in both commercial and personal work – just let him know how you end up using the font.

94. High Tide

Free fonts High Tide

Filipe Rolim is generously sharing his free font High Tide for all to enjoy

Format: TTF

Design student Filipe Rolim developed this typeface due his need for having a more alternative font to use in his projects. And now he's generously offering his design as a free font for all to enjoy.

95. Lombok

Free fonts Lombok

Lombok is a particularly trendy free font

Format: OTF

For a minimal aesthetic, try Swiss graphic design student Alexandre Pietra's futuristic sans-serif, Lombok. Perfect for posters or any attention-grabbing design, Lombok is free for personal projects.

96. Mood Type

Free fonts Mood Type

The project was inspired by Modern Swedish Furniture

Format: EPS

This is another brilliant design from Filiz Sahin. The project was inspired by Modern Swedish Furniture, print mechanical instructions - crops, bleeds, and registration marks - as well as pop influenced '70s fonts. This is an EPS font for display font purposes only, at the moment. There are no PostScript or OpenType versions available. Please do some nice and clean work.


Free fonts PLSTK

The designers are happy for you to use the font in any way that you wish

Format: TTF

This font was created by Christian del Moral and Luis Armesilla. Both Madrid-based designers, Luis mainly focuses on motion and graphic design, but has a special interest in typography and lettering. Christian is heavily influenced by music and tends to illustrate in a child-like old school way.

The designers are happy for you to use the font in any way that you wish. All they ask is that you send them an image of your work once you're done with it! Take a look at this awesome video the guys created to showcase PLSTK's capabilities.

98. Tracion

Free fonts Tracion

Tracion's hard shapes are inspired by architecture and engineering

Format: TTF

Tracion is the first typeface created by freelance art director and illustrator Marcus Lien Gundersen. A bold design, Gundersen was inspired by architects, engineers and the building industry during its development.

99. Typometry

Free fonts Typometry

Emil manages to encorporate quite a surrealist style into this type face

Format: TFF/OTF

This quirky font was crafted by Emil Kozole for a university project. A lover of 'pretty colours', Emil manages to encorporate quite a surrealist style into this type face.

Typometry will be a great font to experiment with in a number of projects. The font is now a pro version with two weights, four styles and more than 220 glyphs that are available in both TFF and OTF Format.

100. Universum

Free fonts Universum

Universum is based around the circle and variations on it

Format: TTF/OTF

Universum is a free font created by Prague-based graphic designer JAF 34. He wanted to create his own typeface based around the circle and variations on it, and here's the result.

JAF 34 says that Universum is suitable for posters and print design, and comes in OpenType and TrueType flavours. While it's free, JAF 34 suggests you might want to make a donation if you like it.

This is an updated version of an article that was first published on Creative Bloq. Keep checking back as we make regular updates to our top 100!