The 80 best Tumblr blogs for designers

Graphic design

31. The Backmatter

Backmatter's posts offer more depth than your usual Tumblr fare

This isn't your average image blog. Built to showcase exciting design projects, The Backmatter goes nice and deep with plenty of high res images for each project and thoughtful, often lengthy write-ups. 

32. Women of Graphic Design

best tumblr blogs for designers

A design blog aimed at sparking discussion about the design industry

This is a blog dedicated to exhibiting design work by women in the graphic design field. It is meant to be a source for learning and sharing, and ultimately, a platform to spark discussion. Its aim is to evolve into a project bigger than a degree project — a project that can reach and involve an entire design community, made up of many voices.

33. Cutting Edge Logos

best tumblr blogs for designers

Poking fun at those 'cutting edge' logos

How to design a logo? 
Set the name in a retail typeface
, cut off some corners in Illustrator
3 and cash a big check. This tumblr blog entitled 'Cutting Edge Logos' pokes fun at some of the world's biggest logos that have simple, 'cut the edges'.

34. Inspiring Ethan

best tumblr blogs

Ethan Daniel Kociela collates beautiful examples of graphic design

Ethan Daniel Kociela is a freelance graphic designer and web designer from Montague, Massachusetts. When he's not creating new works for a load of new clients, he collates beautiful examples of graphic design in this brilliant tumblr blog.

35. Graphic Design & Tattoos

best tumblr blogs

Combine your love of graphic design and tattoos with this clever tumblr blog

Curated by designer Marc Ostlund, Graphic Design & Tattoos showcases the crossover between the two creative disciplines. If you just want to look at the tattoos or the graphic design images, Ostlund has provided some handy tabs at the top of the page.

36. Gura Fiku

tumblr blogs for designers

Gura Fiku documents Japanese graphic design over time

Here's something a bit different. Curated by designer Ryan Hageman, Gura Fiku - which is how Japanese people pronounce the word 'graphic' - documents Japanese graphic design over time, and catalogues the differences, and crossovers, between eastern and western approaches to graphic design. Inspiring and enlightening.

37. The world of a graphic designer


Inspirational imagery here

This Tumblr's tag line is 'Everything you need to know about the life of a graphic designer.' The site is dedicated to students and amateur designers, posting up inspirational imagery and projects to inspire those with a little creative block.

The blog also links to a site filled with great tutorials and further inspiration for all your creative needs. It is in Spanish, however, so you may need to do a bit of translating first.

38. Graphic Porn

Best Tumblr blogs Graphic Porn

Graphic Porn delivers a lot of eye-candy

Graphic Porn is a feast for the eyes as soon as you click. The designs featured on the blog mainly stem from print copy, ranging from vintage tendencies to those with futuristic scope.

Sifting through the posts, it's comforting to see the range in which graphic design can breathe life into a somewhat 'dying medium'. They say print is dead? It's alive and kicking on Graphic Porn.

39. Reform

tumblr blogs for designers Reform

Welcome to the lunatic fringe

With a tag line of "Every reform movement has a lunatic fringe", this Tumblr blog is certainly one of the most intriguing we've ever come across. Featuring beautiful photography of graphic design, fashion and people, it's well worth checking out.

We especially love the links tab, which directs you to a random design Tumblr blog for more creative inspiration. It's great to see Reform sharing the design love!

40. Design Dust

tumblr blogs for designers design dust

You'll find all sorts of design inspiration here

Design Dust is a Tumblr blog bringing together great examples of photography, graphic design, fashion, architecture and other creative matter. A great place to visit for a quick burst of design inspiration.

41. Pratt Jeff Rubio

Best Tumblr blogs Pratt Jeff Rubio

We're big fans of this one

Jeff Rubio is 22-year-old New York artist and designer currently studying at Pratt Institute. The blog is very professional-looking, with its artistic appearance and sleek layout.

Jeff regularly posts inspirational projects and designs that have recently caught his eye, showcasing his eager approach to learning about the world of design. His contribution is on a regular basis, which makes all the difference when it comes to a great blog.

42. We and the Color

Best Tumblr blogs WE AND THE COLOR

We And Color has a smashing layout

Number 20 in our best Tumblr blogs for designers is We and the Color, a creative outlet for showcasing the very best in graphic design, illustration and art inspiration. The Tumblr proves that you can find creative ideas in just about anything as they post about architecture, fashion and photography. The layout of the site is easy to use, with external links and useful websites for a creative in any field.

Other pages: design curation, typography, career, web design, photography and illustration.