The 80 best Tumblr blogs for designers


65. Internet K-Hole

Punks, goths, skaters, metalheads, crimping and random grot; save it for when you get home

Previously hosted on Blogger where it earned a bit of a reputation for its astonishingly long posts of found imagery and occasional grot from around the 1980s, the Internet K-Hole moved to Tumblr a couple of years ago. Tumblr's limit of 20 images per post lessens its impact a bit, but on the plus side it's updated a lot more regularly and still gets unexpectedly fruity and NSFW.

66. Designagram

Tumblr blogs for designers Designagram

Bookmark this Tumblr if you're into photography

The craze for Instagram just went a little further with this Tumblr. Designagram reposts every Instagram photograph with the tags #design, #graphicdesign, #advertising and #typography in the hopes of giving a more diverse view of what people perceive as design.

It's a wonderful insight into the world of design, with many of the photographs posted by non-designers. It may just open your eyes into a new creative world.

67. It's Complicated

Tumblr blogs for designers

Be inspired by It's Complicated

"All my life I have always needed more," is the quote by Elizabeth Wurtzel on Leslie Seuffert's blog It's Complicated. And when she finds more, usually in the form of amazing photos, she shares them here.

Also featuring a generous helping of artwork, this blog is perfect for anyone looking for creative inspiration. Featuring everything from gorgeous black and white portraits to brilliant cityscapes, there's something here for everyone.

68. Photojojo

Tumblr blogs for designers Photojojo

Photojojo shows you things you haven't already seen

Photojojo, the store that sells gear for the modern photographer, also run this cool Tumblr blog, which shows off cool photography related projects.

If you're tired of looking at generic photography sites then Photojojo is definitely worth taking a look at. The team manage to find some of the weirdest and most wonderful work from around the world, so you're sure to find some ideas on how to really stretch your imagination.

69. Unhappy Hipsters

Tumblr blogs for designers

Here's a Tumblr to come back to every day

After coming across this Tumblr recently, we couldn't not include it in our list. Unhappy Hipsters is a blog that is full of inspiring photographs of modern design and architecture. Only there's a twist. Each image is accompanied by a brilliant, dead-pan caption, which gives each image a entirely different feel.

A brilliant idea from its founders, writer Molly Jane Quinn and graphic designer Jenna Talbott. It's certainly a welcome addition to the often serious world of architecture and design.

70. Sabino

Tumblr blogs for designers

Don't miss the beautiful imagery on this Tumblr

If you're an amateur photographer looking for inspiration and other new talent then this is the Tumblr blog for you. The site is run by 24-year-old Santiago-Chile based Sabino Aguad Castoldi and features a wealth of stunning imagery.

Regularly updated, this is the place to find fresh work by up-and-coming photographers. Sabino also ensure to add credits to each image so you can find out more detail about any of the artists who are featured.

71. Megan McIsaac

Tumblr blogs for designers megan kathleen mcisaac

Stunning photography here

This is the photo journal of professional photographer Megan Kathleen McIsaac, and showcases Megan's work and life as a photographer.

There are no tiny, watermarked photos here, with all the pics presented in a large enough format to appreciate the skill that's gone into their creation. The minimalist theme really enables Megan's work to jump off the screen. It's a great example of what can be achieved with Tumblr.

72. Ann Street Studio

Best Tumblr blogs Ann Street Studio

Look no further for first-class photography

Ann Street Studio is the Tumblr of NYC-based photographer Jamie Beck and Kevin Berg. Jamie's a great photographer, and you'll find a selection of her work here. You'll also find some really inspiring cinemagraphs on her site, with good reason, because Jamie was the co-founder of the whole cinemagraph movement.

73. Lefty Lens

Tumblr blogs for designers LeftyLens

Broaden your hoizons with the photography on this Tumblr

LeftyLens is the Tumblr blog of Rei Mooney, a Hawaii-based photographer. Rei's Tumblr blog features a selection of her work (more of which you can find on her official site), but also offers a snapshot - via images, naturally - into the life of a professional photographer.

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