The 80 best Tumblr blogs for designers


74. Cinema Gorgeous

These cinema-inspired illustrations are a joy to look at

Created by filmmaker and writer Malcolm Klock, Cinema Gorgeous celebrates beautiful art, great films and the creative lifestyle through a combination of cinema-inspired illustrations and posters, and interviews with talented creative people.

75. The Mighty Pencil

Tumblr blogs for designers The Mighty Pencil

The Mighty Pencil features some amazing illustration work

The Mighty Pencil collective is behind this great Tumblr blog, which features a selection of the best contemporary illustrators and some of the inspiring work they create.

76. We Love Illustration

Best Tumblr blogs We Love Illustration

We love illustration too

Updated on a less frequent basis than Eat Sleep Draw, We Love Illustration is another resource for inspirational work, and according to the site's owner "is meant to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for art and illustration lovers". We think it achieves both.

77. Eatsleepdraw

Best Tumblr blogs EatSleepDrawdrop

The perfect Tumblr to visit for inspiration

Presented as an online art gallery, Eat Sleep Draw brings you huge amounts of inspirational illustration and art each week. Updated on an almost hourly basis, if the best Tumblr blogs were decided on frequency of posting, it would be a clear winner. In fact, it's easy to find yourself 30 pages into this Tumblr blog and suddenly wonder where the last two hours went (and why you're behind on that article you should have submitted over an hour ago).

78. Owen Davey Draws

Tumblr blogs for designers Owen DAvey

See what talented illustrator Own Davey is up to

Freelance illustrator Owen Davey has had work published in every continent except Antarctica. He's based in the UK and his clients include Orange, Microsoft, EasyJet and more. Keep an eye on his site for regular illustration inspiration.

79. Old book illustrations

Tumblr blogs for designers Old Book Illustrations

Lovely old images are collected on this Tumblr

There's a pretty big clue to this Tumblr blog's content in the title of the site. You've guessed it, Old Book Illustrations brings you the finest collection of 15th century walking sticks on the web. Ha! We're kidding, of course.

This site actually brings you fantastic illustrations from old and ancient books, with references to the illustrators and where they first appeared. The illustrations provide inspiring snapshots into the era when they first appeared.

80. Scanned Life

Tumblr blogs for designers Downhill

Need a bit of surreal in your life? Head to Downhill

This is the surreal playground of Sean Godsey, and includes all manner of weird and wonderful illustrations and animations. You won't find any Pixar-quality CGI in attendance, but what you will find is a serious dose of humour, mixed into some messed up illustrations - which we love. And we hope you enjoy this, often slightly disturbing, glimpse into Sean's mind, too. Definitely one of the more different Tumblr blogs in our list.

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