13 apps for endless design inspiration

These apps (including some left-field choices) will help give your inspiration a jump-start.

Inspiration is like water or air for every creative person. If you are in the right mood, it can come from almost anywhere. However, when you feel tired or distracted, your imagination may need additional sources to get inspiration from.

Having scoured the App Store back and forth, we've collected a selection of what we think are the best inspiration apps for your iPad or iPhone. So, all those who feel a serious lack of positive emotions and don't know how where to get new ideas just download these amazing apps and you'll for sure find something outstanding.

01. Freemake Musicbox

Music is a never-ending source of inspiration. What can be better than getting your favorite music for free? Freemake Musicbox is a tiny little app with Apple-style design that lets you listen to world music, personalized radio stations and enjoy official music video clips. The app searches music by song title, artist or band name, or even hashtag (#rock, #inspiration, #summer, etc). Its simple, plain and at the same time stylish design will be perfect for all minimalism fans.

02. Moleskine Journal

A great app for all Moleskine followers. Do you remember its yellow pages, ribbon bookmark and skin-like cover? The Moleskine app has everything you need from a classic notebook style to a variety of useful tools – you can use pen, pencils, highlighter and even paintbrush. Trust us, you won't notice how time flies while you are transforming your thoughts into notes or art masterpieces.

03. Little Galaxy

It's simply galactic! Little Galaxy game will for sure cheer you up with its beautiful and unforgettable 3D design. Planets, stars and galaxies – have you seen anything more gorgeous? Start your journey jumping from planet to planet, catching comets and collecting stars and power ups. Travel across the universe following numerous tasks and challenges. Little Galaxy is a must-have for all those who like something mystical and at the same time attractive.

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